Monday, 30 November 2009


Exciting times around here...I moved the dehumidifier from the bedroom into the living room because the mold is worse in there right now. We're pretty sure the landlord 'treated' the mold before we moved in by just painting over it. My new purpose in life is to track the mold growing in our flat, clean it, then make important decisions about the location of the dehumidifier. I'll need to add this to my CV as it's a very important job!


  1. We have ours in the bedroom and then a tiny one down in the living room by the computer. We really need another big nice one but I just don't want to have to spend another £70 on it! I know it is worth it but I hate the idea that I should just have to do it! lol

  2. I'm afraid to have two running at the same time for fear of running up the electric bill too high! Plus, what would I do all day!?